weather at dmrc

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center is nestled in the foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains of South-Eastern Arizona. Our Retreat Valley, home to all of our retreat cottages, has an average elevation of around 5,000 feet. We are blessed with a diversity of desert plants and wildlife due to our geographical location between the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts to the east and west and the Rocky and Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges to the north and south.

Temperatures will shift 30-40 degrees with a single day, nights and mornings being cooler than mid-day when the sun is up. Therefore, it is important to dress in layers and bring warm clothes during most months (October-May).

March and October are our most temperate months, with daily highs averaging in the 70s (degrees F) and daily lows averaging in the 40s (degrees F).

The winter months are beautiful at DMRC, with daily highs in the 40s-50s (degrees F). Our nights are cold, sometimes plunging below freezing.  Our cottages, however, will keep you warm with a choice of wood stove or propane heat. It snows here yearly, and knowing the snow doesn’t stay long, you may feel enticed to go for that rare walk in the snow-covered desert mountains.




Summers are hot, but much more comfortable here in the mountains than in the plains of Arizona. July boasts the beginning of our rainy season (which runs through the end of October) as well as the most spectacular sunsets of the year.