volunteering at diamond mountain retreat center

It may be surprising to learn that the most popular activity of all at a retreat center is the volunteering.  Most people have never had the opportunity to help put up a house; or decide where to lay the first road across a valley; or set out a bonfire for a hundred people to enjoy a cookout under the stars.

Much of Diamond Mountain Retreat Center as you see it today was built by volunteers—by people just like you: folks from the city who came out to do a retreat and discovered the joy of pitching in to help build a place where other people, stressed out by the demands of the modern world, could get away and have some silent reflection on their life—so they could come back to that life and get a fresh start.

When you visit DMRC as a guest to do a retreat—whether it’s a silent personal spiritual search; or an artistic getaway to write that new book; or a business summit with your work colleagues to design a strategy for the next fiscal year—please consider volunteering at DM:  a chance to touch the land and breathe real air and create something lasting for the next generation.

Or it might be as simple as helping make the salad that you and the other guests will eat this evening.  We  have found over many years of experience in organizing retreats that pitching in with your hands and heart, if only for an hour or so a day, will make your retreat ten times deeper.

So jump in!  And if the untouched silence of nature and the most extraordinary star-filled skies you’ve ever seen really call deeply to you, you may want to consider coming out to stay for three months, or six, or even a year or two, as one of our staff volunteers.  You’ll enjoy being a part of our retreat community, with a space to hang your hat, and the chance to make a difference in the world—making a contribution with your own hands to a place that will provide refuge for generations to come.  Just click on the link below to send us your application!


If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at .