cottage feature descriptions

This table provides detailed descriptions of the features listed in each Cottage.

LOCATION  Central A cottage located near the main dirt road through the retreat valley
Semi-Remote A cottage whose location is more peripheral, but which is still located close to some neighbors or situated on a road
Remote A cottage whose location is at the end of a road and not in close proximity
BEDROOM Studio Bedroom with sleeping facilities for 1 person, usually within a larger practice space
1, 2 Bedroom Bedroom with indications for how many persons can sleep, many have queen beds
KITCHEN Solar oven may be available upon request Solar ovens use the suns rays to heat up an outdoor portable stove. Best used in warmer months. Not available for all Cottages.
Full kitchen Cottage has standard propane oven with 4 burners
3 burner stove Stove with only 3 top burners, no oven
2 burner stove Stove with only 2 top burners, no oven
3/4 size refrigerator A somewhat smaller than normal size refrigerator and freezer combination
BATHROOM Indoor facilities Toilet and bathing facilities are inside a building
Outdoor facilities Toilet and bathing facilities are outside a building; outdoor shower enclosed by 3 walls but open-air
Separate Many retreat cottages were purposely designed to walk to a separate building for toilet and bathing facilities
MEDITATION Size We tried to give a sense of the amount of space available for either meditation, yoga or dance like practices
HEAT Propane Dedicated direct-vent propane heaters in each living space
Wood stove Wood burning stove for heating purposes only, not cooking
Solar Many of our cottages use passive solar gain with southern exposed windows for winter sun gain. Awnings shade these windows in the summer sun.
HOT WATER Passive solar hot water heater Passive solar hot water indicates that it is heated by the sun during the day. Water for dishes is generally heated on stove top. Small indicates that there is enough hot water for 1 person to shower on a sunny day.
 On-demand hot water This is a propane powered hot water heater that is used to heat water as it is being used.
 On-demand hot water heater with passive solar pre-heater This is a propane powered hot water heater that is used to heat water as it is being used. Greater efficiency is obtained by using solar heated water as intake to the on-demand heater.
 SEASONS 3 or 4 A 3 season cottage is listed that way due to inadequate heat for winter months, or the cottage is very warm in summer months. This is for those who are uncomfortable with summer heat. 4 season cottages are balanced and more temperate overall.
 2  2 season cottages are for use in the spring and fall, because they don’t have sufficient heating in the deep winter & they can be hot in summer.