cottage 1: White Cloud

Luxurious privacy tucked in near a desert wash, warm and inviting

cottage 2: Dechen

dmrc’s largest cottage is perfect for one or two couples

cottage 3: Amrita

Private cottage in historic Bear Gulch, Orchard

cottage 5: Delam

A unique retreat cottage with 2 round buildings

cottage 6: Ananda

Sophisticated cottage in the center of the community

cottage 7: Diamondback

Beautiful sunken living room area, spacious bedroom & breathtaking view

cottage 8: Blue Sky

Inviting three-room cottage isolated at the western edge of the valley

cottage 9: Vajra

A beautifully finished two-bedroom straw bale hacienda nestled into the hillside

cottage 10: Karuna

Ultra-cozy privacy with a beautiful view of the northwest valley

cottage 11: Tianshi

A charmingly simple hideaway at the end of the road

cottage 12: Starlight

Recessed into the eastern hillside & set back from all roads

cottage 13: Tara

Beautiful straw-bale elegance and warmth nestled in the dmrc west valley

cottage 14: Amitabha

Strawbale house and yurt situated atop a hill with breathtaking views

cottage 15: Benediction

A wonderful two-bedroom cottage near the desert wash

cottage 16: Capitan

A hillside luxury cottage on the east valley edge, with a spectacular view

cottage 18: Vira

Lovely 2 building cottage with separate living and meditation spaces

cottage 19: Sukavati

Bright, welcoming cottage with minimal services

cottage 20: Rinpoche

Cozy strawbale located in the heart of Bear Valley

cottage 21: Dakini

High on a rock cliff, with separate living and meditation spaces

cottage 22: Angel Nest

Situated on the edge of an overlook, with a dramatic stargazing deck

cottage 23: Clarity

Modern elegance with desert charm, overlooking natural parkland

cottage 24: Hermosa

Rustic comfort atop one of dmrc’s great desert foothills

cottage 25: Divina

Cozy and comfortable, on a remote hill in a secluded valley

cottage 26: Dharmadhatu

Remote location, stunning views, simple pleasures

cottage 27: Dante

At the end of the road, deeply secluded in the farthest valley

cottage map

A guide to cottage locations in the dmrc retreat valley