Cottage Adopter Program


Photo courtesy of Rob Haggerty, Jr.During our recent ACI retreats at DMRC, retreaters from all over the world have been finding more clarity and creativity as they reconnect with their inner selves.  As a result, they were eager to extend this experience to others.

In response, DMRC has created the Cottage Adopters’ Program to allow those who love DMRC to help it grow and continue to reach even more people.  With the Cottage Adopters’ Program (CAP), sponsors are donating as little or as much as they want on a monthly basis to help maintain their chosen cottage.  The CAP donations are used to maintain and further develop the retreat cottages, while a portion of each donation goes to overall operating expenses.


How to Donate

Donation instructions:

  • Go to C14_stroked
  • Donate using PayPal, credit card or check- you can do a one-time or monthly donation.
  • Specify the name of the cottage you would like to adopt in the “description” field for credit cards, “special instructions” field for PayPal, or “for” on the check. You can pick a cottage to adopt at
  • Rejoice in the beginnings of a beautiful relationship with your new cottage!

Contributions may be tax deductible in the United States to the extent allowed by law. Adopters are advised to consult their tax advisor. Adopters will receive a receipt of their donation for tax purposes at the end of each year.  Please note that 50% of your CAP donation directly supports your adopted cottage and 50% indirectly supports it.



Cottage 25 - full kitchen with views of mountains outsideQ: Which cottages are available for Adoption?

A: All of our cottages are available for Adoption!


Q:  How much do I need to donate to be a part of the Cottage Adopters Program?

A: While DMRC always welcomes one-time donations, this program is targeting donors who wish to adopt a cottage thru monthly, recurring donations.  Donations from as easy as a dollar-a-day on up are accepted in this program.


Q:  How can I cancel a recurring payment?

A:  If paying with PayPal, you can manage payments yourself by logging into your PayPal account.  For credit card donations, please email .


Have another question?  Please email .