cottage 8: Blue Sky

Blue Sky perched on the western edge of the valley, Cottage 8 provides stunning views of the mountains, with decks on both the west and east sides.

The main room houses the bed, kitchen, and clawfoot bathtub, while the two small side rooms are perfect for art, study, or meditation. In the backyard, an indoor toilet is a short walk away.

Blue Sky has delicate finishing touches such as hardwood floors, American Clay walls, and a copper sink. Expansive southern windows and a large wood stove make this Cottage warm and toasty in the winter.

This is a great place for people who want complete isolation, with no other cottages in view, and excellent sunsets.

features of Blue Sky cottage

Location  Remote cottage with no other cottages in sight, accessed via a steep, rocky road
Bathroom  Indoor bathtub with shower wand, outdoor shower, and separate toilet building
Kitchen 3-burner stovetop, 3/4 size fridge, solar oven may be available upon request
Bedroom 1 bedroom with queen bed, appropriate for individual or couple retreat
Hot water Dual-tank passive solar water heating
Meditation  Sunroom and small practice alcove flank the main room
Heat Wood stove
Seasons 3-season (fall, winter, spring) cottage
Additional Western view with excellent sunsets
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Cottage 8: Blue Sky – exterior view, perched on a hill looking west.


Cottage 8: Blue Sky – Kitchen with concrete countertops and west view


Cottage 8: Blue Sky – Interior view of kitchen, bathtub and wood stove


Cottage 8: Blue Sky – Dedicated meditation and yoga room

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