cottage 12: Starlight

Starlight is a small, charming cottage with two rooms connected by a screened­-in breezeway.

Starlight contains many unique elements including a rock sundial, hand­hewn gates and adornments from local woods and plants, walking paths, garden boxes, and a large meditation space partitioned from the bedroom with curtains.

The earth floor was made using water collected from all over the world, and rocks from Master Naropa’s retreat cave high in the Himalayan Mountains of Zanskar. A tiny kitchen space also houses the shower.

This small, spartan cottage encourages intense practice and is perfect for the serious retreater.

features of Starlight cottage

Location Semi­-remote cottage with high fences blocking the view of the nearest neighbor
Bedroom 1 bedroom with twin bed, appropriate for individual retreat
Kitchen 2­ burner stove, very small outdoor solar­ powered chest fridge (no freezer), solar oven may be available upon request
Bathroom Indoor shower and indoor composting toilet
Meditation Meditation space and some movement space in bedroom (limited space for yoga)
Heat Propane heating
Hot water Small passive solar water heater
Special features All aspects of construction were done with the environment in mind, with natural, local, and/or low­-toxicity materials
Seasons 2-Season (fall, spring) cottage
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Cottage 12: Starlight – exterior view with front door


Cottage 12: Starlight – gate made from local materials


Cottage 12: Starlight – working sundial


Cottage 12: Starlight – bedroom with separate practice space


Cottage 12: Starlight – interior of porch with dinner table and views of the retreat valley

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