cottage 1: White Cloud

White Cloud is nestled down near a quiet river wash, and wonderful for those that prefer a sense of community and support during retreat.  The cottage was designed with separate rooms for sleeping, relaxation, cooking, and meditation practice, making it comfortable for either a solo retreater or a couple.

In warmer weather the earthen floors and cathedral ceiling keeps the bedroom and practice space cool, and in winter the sun porch warms the whole house.  All walls are finished with American Clay colors in natural, earthen tones.

features of White Cloud cottage

Location Centrally located with views of neighboring cottages
Bedroom 1 bedroom with queen bed, appropriate for individual or couple retreat
Kitchen Full kitchen
Bathroom Full bathroom with separate entrance (composting toilet)
Meditation Large room with cathedral ceilings and plenty of space for movement practices
Heat Propane heaters
Hot water Passive solar hot water heater
Special feature Cathedral ceilings, built-in niches and dormitory windows for excellent light
Seasons 3-season (fall, winter, spring) cottage
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cottage 1: White Cloud – exterior view showing front door and southern exposure, dorm windows in practice area

cottage 1: White Cloud – full kitchen with great light from southern exposure, wood floor and cabinets

cottage 1: White Cloud – bedroom with queen size bed, closet and earth floor

cottage 1: White Cloud – practice area for meditation, yoga etc with built in niches, earth floor and cathedral ceilings

cottage 1: White Cloud – porch for relaxing or yoga, with great southern views and wood floor

cottage 1: White Cloud – bathroom full full bath and shower, dedicated entrance separate from main building