the history

In 2000, just before the events of 9/11, a group of New Yorkers trying to get some relief from the stress of their corporate jobs and the blare of their cellphones visited the desert foothills of southern Arizona and fell in love with the fresh air and tranquility.

During our first visit we camped out in tents on the pristine desert land and enjoyed mountain hikes and campfire get-togethers.  We began looking for a piece of land where we could put up some simple cabins, and we found historic Bear Springs.

This is one of the vital natural springs in southern Arizona and makes the land rich in desert wildlife and plants. Next door is Fort Bowie National Historic Site, which played a big part in the Wild West days of the southwestern United States.

The Native American leaders Cochise and Geronimo walked this land, along with their Apache relatives. One of the original fort buildings, still sporting lookout slits in the adobe walls, is now one of our guest cottages.

In time, more and more visitors started showing up, as word of our little desert oasis got out. We started building more guest cottages on the 1,000 acres here, spread out away from each other through quiet nooks in the lovely foothills.  In 2014, we decided to “go public” as an affordable, elegant, peace-and-quiet resort and retreat center.


We are now open to individuals and groups of up to 100 people for a weekend, a week or more of quiet living in nature. Spend time alone and re-charge with long walks and private contemplation, sleep in or read a book; or bring your company for a weekend of strategy sessions in our spacious group facilities.

We are big on ecology and the electricity in your cottage will most likely come from our hi-tech solar panels, with a nice new bed and luxurious linens; unparalleled desert views; night skies with more stars than you’ve ever seen, guaranteed; a charming kitchen; and if you want, a separate room for reading or meditation or painting or whatever suits your fancy.

If you prefer, we can deliver healthy, yummy groceries to your cottage door.  For groups,  dine in our brand-new million-dollar dining room (complete with coffeeshop!). Our professional and knowledgable staff, experienced in the art of desert tranquility can help you to design your stay for maximum relaxation and inspiration for your life back home.

Let us help you create your ideal getaway!