Management Consultant


At present, DMRC conducts 2 major group events a year with more than 80 participants from different countries around the world. DMRC also hosts smaller groups from 15-45 during the year, some national and some international in flavor. In addition, DMRC has an increasing demand for weekend, weekly and monthly retreats for individuals and couples.

In order to meet the exponentially growing demands of DMRC, it requires the assistance of a capable and qualified management consultant to assist in producing different kinds of events, especially considering our international attendance, improve the facilities operations, logistics, infrastructure, and supplies services. The management consultant will be working as part of the DMRC team to enhance the quality of the experience DMRC provides to its guests.


  • Propose ways to improve DM’s organizational efficiency, primarily as it pertains to attracting international guests
  • Improve the managerial and the operation of DM’s joint use areas, particularly in the lower campus – Temple, dining facility, campgrounds, library, kitchen, parking, and staff housing – by analyzing and resolving strategic and operating problems and thereby improving the entity’s objectives, policies, strategies, administration, organization, and operation.
  • Consult current DM officers and management on new initiatives and future planning for outreach, marketing, retention focused on the international market that the entity believes to be its greatest opportunity for growth.
  • Consult in the continuing development of the protocol for facility usage during events in order to provide a safe and conducive atmosphere for the guests, particularly those from overseas
  • Research and development of new strategies to increase profitability, on optimal technologies toward the improvement of the facilities and services the Retreat Center provides for our international guests, energy supplies, water resources, and landscaping.
  • Develop training manuals, and train the staff in the best practices employed by the Hospitality sector.
  • It is during DMRC events that it is important for the management consultant be able to analyze and resolve strategic and operating problems to improve and ensure the smooth functioning of the group facilities as well as guest management.

This position reports to the Director.


  • University Degree
  • Strong analytical and problem resolving skills.
  • Experience in consulting production of international Events and Retreats
  • Buddhist philosophical studies, preferred with Asian Classic Institute


This position is being offered for a 1-year term, working on an hourly basis. 30 hours per week of consulting and management services during regular weeks of operation and 40 hours per week during events, group seminars or retreats as needed.


Compensation on an hourly basis. DM also provides housing and all utilities.


Please send a cover letter and resume that include references to


Posted Jan 2019